About Us


Whether you are salmon fishing in Russia, Iceland, or steelhead fishing in Alaska, it is my intention to help all those who are planning a fishing trip, from supplying high quality flies to sound advise that will help you get the most out of your holiday.


During many years managing camps in Russia, I have built up a unique knowledge of the salmon rivers of the Kola Peninsula that will help you catch more fish. Since my 1st trip to the Kola in 1994, I have clocked up over 50 weeks fishing various rivers on the Kola Peininsula. There are few people in the western world that have spent as much time on the Kola as I have.


The range of flies that I put together cover the whole season. I see no reason in having dozens of different patterns to choose from, when one or two will usually do. How much time have you spent changing flies during a days fishing, too many I suspect. The best fishermen I have met over the years have the most simple approach, some fish with just one pattern exclusively. Having the right fly and the right size is one of the most important decisions you have to make to ensure success.

Fishing with my flies will give you the confidence to concentrate on the fishing which will in turn ensure you have a successful trip.

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